Monday, January 19, 2009

The Divine Praises to the Infant Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament ~ By an anonymous friend

Jesus in the Eucharist, so much like the infant Jesus in the manger, fragile, naked, small, weak and helpless...

O Little Baby from heaven,

Blessed be God your Father

Blessed be His Holy Name

Blessed are You, true God and true man

Blessed be the name your Mother whispered over You

Blessed be the little heart that beats in your chest

Blessed be the Blood flowing in your fragile, tiny body

Blessed are You, a hidden King on a silent altar

Blessed be the Love that gave You life

Blessed be the Mother who cradles You

Blessed be the Immaculate moment she came into being

Blessed be the glorious Assumption of her into your arms

Blessed be your father Joseph who protects You

Blessed be the Heavens that look upon You and sigh in joy at your birth!

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