Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Why do I reveal my wounds?

Have you ever watched the movie "Regading Henry" with Harrison Ford? There is a point in that movie after "Henry" has lost his memory and is trying to find himself. He is sitting on his hospital bed and his little daughter walks in... He does not recognize who she is due to his head trauma. But "Henry" is not afraid to show the scars he has on his head and his chest from where he was shot. He places his little daughter's hands on his wounds.

Immediately, she begins showing her father, Henry, her own wounds. She is no longer afraid to reveal even her own brokenness now to the father who loves her deeply.

God is like this. He reveals His wounds first to us and lets us touch them with our own fingers. "Thomas, see these wounds in My Hands and My Feet. Come, place your fingers into the wounds of My Side. No longer doubt but believe." Thomas falls to his knees and cries out, "My Lord and My God."

This enables us to let go of our own fears. To not be afraid to open up our own wounds before Him so that we can be healed. I think others need this. Many times they do not really see the wounds of Jesus...and that He opens His Wounded side up for them to touch so that they may no longer be afraid. I think, those of us who have been healed by His Wounds, need to not be afraid either... to reveal our own wounds that have been healed in HIS LOVE so that others will no longer be afraid to open themselves up... and receive HIS LOVE.

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