Sunday, February 8, 2009

Are you afraid to share your Faith with your friends, co-workers, family???

"Using the words of St. Peter, the Church has often reminded the faithful that God calls them to make use of every opportunity to spread Christ's doctrine everywhere.

Saint John Chrysostom anticipated all the possible excuses for not carrying out this most gratifying obligation. There is, he wrote, nothing colder than a Christian who is unconcerned about the salvation of others... Do not say 'I am unable to help them', for if you are truly a Christian it is impossible for you to make such an admission. The properties of natural things cannot be denied them: the same thing happens with this affirmation, for it is in the nature of a Christian to act this way... It is easier for the sun to fail to give its light and warmth; it would be easier for light to be darkness. Do not say that the thing is impossible; what is impossible is the opposite ... If we order our conduct aright, everything else will follow as a natural consequence. The light of Christians cannot be hidden; a light that shines so brightly cannot be concealed. (From "In Conversation with God", Vol. 3, Fifth Sunday Year B)

We are to be "the SALT of the earth." This is not very easy... it is bitter and unpleasant. But if we end up losing the flavor for which we are called to "season" every aspect of our lives (including our relationships with others), can we really say we ARE a Christian? We might be in name, but we won't be in substance.

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