Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dedicated to lukewarm Catholics and Christians...

I used to (before my conversion and calling to the priesthood) go to bars on the weekends, get drunk, try to sleep with a lot of women and then go to Mass like nothing was wrong. "I am a Christian who has faith", I thought to myself. I love God and want to go to Heaven. Funny thing was, I wasn't serious enough about my faith to change my life and I did not smell the burning sulpher underneath the lie I was living before God and others. God did love me and He wanted me to go to Heaven, but my life's choices said something else.

God takes our free will seriously. He does not force us to change, to turn away from sin, and follow Him. We can take it or leave it. Thing of it is, when we choose not to take God seriously we have to understand there is only one other place to go... and it is NOT HEAVEN.


  1. I like this song. I never liked his singing voice, but I loved him as a person. I like my "Cash " song better than yours ;)
    because he is at the end of his life here, and he's telling souls - YOUR STUFF IS MEANINGLESS CRAP,PEOPLE!!And to dust it shall return too !
    I am paraphrasing here Padre. ;)
    (And I don't want to know that our good men of God (Priests) were sinners because we love them , and think that they're Saints.)

  2. Belinda, I forgot to add that this took place BEFORE my conversion and subsequent calling to the priesthood. Anyway... I added another song on the top of my blog for the battle of the bands we are having between us! Top that! Love ya.

  3. Hahaha, Before you were a Priest - We assumed as much.
    I am still laughing!

    Our band battle would be settled right away if you heard me sing , let's just declare you the winner.