Saturday, February 7, 2009

Our Lady and Souls in Purgatory

The Blessed Virgin Mary is the mother of the living and those who have passed on in Christ and there is nothing to stop her from comforting them if we ask her to. So... when I am at funerals, I always say that when we pray the Rosary, we must realize we are not only turning to a real mother who loves us immensely, but we can spiritually hold her hand while praying to her and ask her to reach out to the ones who have passed on and to hold them while we pray to her and her Son, Jesus. All one has to do, when praying the Rosary, is close your eyes and picture yourself holding her hand and then ask Mary to hold the hand of the one who passed on. This way, we are not only praying for them, we, in a true sense, can be with them in their suffering in a very REAL way.

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