Friday, February 6, 2009

The Scapular... I really recommend wearing it!!!

A friend of mine who I was ordained with in SOLT had a friend in college that this happened to. He was at a party with his friends and they pulled out a OIJA board and began conjuring up what they believed (VERY WRONGLY) was the spirit of a dead person. It scared him to death. The hairs on his arms literally stood straight up and he fealt a truly evil presence in the room... So, he ran out to his car and got his scapular (he was a wayward Catholic at the time) which he chose not to wear but merely kept on his rear view mirror. He put the scapular on underneath all of his clothing (so no one would notice and think him a freak) and went back into the house. When he opened the door, everyone stopped and glared at him... they went back to the OIJA board and asked "Why won't you come back, why did you stop".... and the board spelled out slowly and clearly: "I SMELL GOD."


  1. I would go to a Baptist church by myself as a child - because the Baptists would send around a church bus. When I was "saved" as a child I remember a certain smell that I thought that Jesus did smell like, now I know it was me being a silly child .
    Still whenever I smell that certain smell I always stop , pray ,and think of Jesus, and his love for me. (Maybe it was bus fumes, but I still love it) ...

    I have decided to support what you have written here. I am going to write something on my blog ,and get back to you. As soon as I am able.
    BTW. It was at that Baptist church that I learned about St.Christopher. I heard the whole story which cracks me up because they don't believe in Saints like we do. You see they have "Traitor" members too.

  2. Hey Belinda! I am just wondering if demons "smell" God, not necessarily as a "positive smell" but rather due to the stench that they are in themselves continually and when God draws near, perhaps they recognize in some way, shape, or form, the absence of that stench. You made me think about it.

    Anyhoot, there is a smell of roses associated with the presence of Our Lady though. On this one I have too many accounts from friends that I honestly trust to dismiss.

  3. I've been wanting a scapular ever since my sponsor in RCIA told me the story about hers. Do you know where I can get one?

  4. Father this is so wonderful what your writing thank you
    your in my prayers