Sunday, February 8, 2009

Whoever dies wearing this Scapular shall not suffer the eternal pains of Hell...

Here is an additional story on the Brown Scapular and the promise of those who wear it will not suffer the eternal pains of Hell....
This actually took place last month at a parish our community serves in the Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation. One of our priests received a phone call from a distraut woman whose husband had just passed away. He had no pulse, and was obviously not breathing. The priest, when on the way to the home, continually praid to God to revive him so he could receive the Last Rites. When the priest arrived at the home, the husband was alive and conscious. The priest heard his confession and gave him the Anointing of the Sick along with the Apostolic Pardon. The man died "again" shortly thereafter that same day. What we came to find out was that his wife was worried about the salvation of her husband's soul because he had stopped going to Mass and frequenting the sacraments of the Church. So, after he had suddenly and unexpectedly passed away, she immediately ran to her bedroom and grabbed a brown scapular of Our Lady and put it around his neck. He immediately got up and was revived. It was then that the priest entered the house and administered the Sacraments to him.

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  1. Being a typical sinner, which is an improvement over my past way of life, I never, ever take my scapular off. I'm gonna put this on my blog as link, tomarrow!