Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Grow up and be a MAN

I am really getting annoyed with all those "men" out there who continue to act like they are in middle school. You can tell by the type of photos they have of women on their Facebook accounts, by their comments, and how they treat them... with very little dignity and respect which is truly owed to them. They will sleep with just about any woman without even a blink of thinking of the responsibility that this holy act actually needs along with the commitment it entails when a child is a result.

Every child deserves a father who will be there for them
along with a family to help them to grow in their spiritual life and in their basic needs as a human being. Not only this, but every woman deserves MORE from you... NOT less. Never treat a woman like they are cheap.

Women never let a man treat you less than you really are worth. You and every woman is worth the total SACRIFICE of a man who will lay down his life for you. Don't settle for less. The next time a man wants to be with you and is not willing to wait till marriage... tell him this: "HONEY! Do I LOOK like I am cheap? I am not the type of woman that you can get a cheap thrill with and then throw me away like I am a piece of toilet paper. I am worth a lot more than that and if you don't want something more but are willing to settle with something less with me, then you better best find someone else to waste your time with!"

The next time a man hits on you (if you are single), ask him this: "SO, what type of diapers do you prefer?" You will know exactly where he stands to his level of commitment and responsibility (and what he is really looking for) by the way he responds. You will know if you are dealing with someone who is merely a playboy and an act or if you are dealing with a real man who is seeking something more and is willing to make the commitment a real lasting relationship takes to keep.

At the same time, I don't just blame all the men out there. Women, you need to hold men accountable for the way men treat you. Be modest in your dress. Don't reveal anything of yourself that is meant for your future spouse and HIM ALONE!!! Don't bear yourself to all and have nothing left when you find the right man. Don't be like someone who gives out every rose petal of themselves to every person who comes across their path and then when they find the pearl of great price, they have nothing left to give but an empty and dead stem with thorns. Give the right person the whole YOU and don't settle for less. You are not cheap and you need someone who has grown up and is a real MAN!


  1. This is great and all, but something should also be said for the men who put up the facade that this is what they are, when its really a ploy or a game.
    Being a social catholic adult sucks. Its bad enough if you go out to meet new people and all you get is trash, its worse when you go to church and you get hit on only to find out later he only sees you as the good catholic girl and is sucking up but isnt living up to his own end of the bargain.

    Thank GOD I found my husband!

    However, I can also relate with Wondering. Because of our culture and the days we live in, it is very hard to find a man who is capable of loving as we're taught we must love. BUT, women... Hang In There! Men aren't use to having to love as they should. With each man you teach that you aren't cheap and going to put out, you are planting a new seed of awe and love!!! Even though some will definitely move to the next woman, you will have peace and comfort in knowing that you planted love instead of colliding with the seed of evil!! Hating men will get us nowhere. Teaching them true love will change the world! Women Warriors Love Chastity