Monday, August 29, 2011

You are not a wart on Christ's Body...You are a LIVING MEMBER of Christ's Body... the Church!

"May the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ enlighten the eyes of our hearts, that we may know what is the hope that belongs to our call." (Gospel Acclamation for 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A)

Many of us do not reflect enough on the lives of the saints and how we are called by God to literally join in their number. I mean, could you imagine any of the angels saying "I don't need to sing at Mass or in Heaven... there are enough of other angels doing this for God" or a saint sitting back and saying "I don't need to give or sacrifice myself for others." That would be not only insane but also very much against everything Jesus said and taught us by His own example. He said very clearly: "Follow Me!"

I used to sit on the pew watching everyone else around me serve in the Church... the readers, the ushers, the altar servers, the extra-ordinary ministers of Holy Communion, those who helped clean and serve... and thought, in what way have I served the Church and given back to Christ for all that He has given to me? I gave so little... if at all. I then read in the bulletin how the pastor was asking help on a weekend to help put in landscaping for the parish. I finally got off the pew and decided to help. I had so much joy when I began to serve that I began to look for other opportunities.

Again, we are not a wart on Christ's Body~ No, we are living members called to give and serve~ each in the measure and according to the ability we have received from God for building up His Kingdom and serving for it. What would happen if your finger said: "I don't need to be a part of this body and serve it. There are enough fingers on this hand to do the job. There are other fingers who can do this." The moment the finger stops living as part of the body and separates itself from the rest of the body it will begin to die. The same is true of each of us.

Every single one of us has a role and function and work to do within the Church according to the ability God has given us! No one has an excuse... as much as every single part of your body has a function and purpose. God made the body this way to teach us about how we are to live and act as members of His Body... the Church.

Every single hair on your head has a purpose and function... it isn't just there for looks. It protects your head and keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer's heat. Every toe on your foot has a function... it helps to balance the whole body and helps your footing so you don't fall or loose your grip while walking along a precipice. Every vein has a function... it gets rid of harmful waste in the body ... every artery which provides health, nurishment and healing. Every single part of you has a purpose... except the wart. The wart is just a lump of flesh and just sits there. It is disgusting and has no purpose. It is a deformity.

But what abo
ut you? Are you merely existing as a wart on Christ's Body or do you serve in your church in at least one ministry? Even if you are young, you can go to a doration and intercede for other children that they may turn to God. If you are old and home-bound... you still have a function and God has still given you the gift of life for a purpose. Perhaps He is calling your soul amidst your aches and pains and arthritis to suffer and sacrifice as a living member of Christ's Body to suffer and intercede for the rest of the Body, the Church as Christ did from the Cross. But there is NO single person or parishioner who has an excuse not to serve and to give.... to share our time, talent, and treasure for the Kingdom of God! Don't sit on the bench.... the saints are calling out to you to join in their number!!!!

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