Saturday, September 17, 2011

I watched a pretty hard movie last night and it helped me to realize two things:
1) For those who continue to plunge themselves into sin and do not turn away from the darkness, there is NO HOPE...
2) The more you dive into sin... the uglier your life gets.

I wonder why so many don't do anything to change the ugliness of their lives?
Let us pray for for those stuck in the ugliness of life and in darkness that they wake up from their slumber before it ends where the roads of this life always lead for those who do not follow God... a DEAD END.


  1. A sober thought father, however very meaningful and something I have spent a long time over. I just lost my best friend, the love of my life, a small black dog. I'm older and live alone so this relationship was very special. She was so sweet and at eight years old she became very sick. Cancer of the worse kind, I nursed her, oh her pain, and the fear in her eyes, then suddenly she was gone. Nothing, it was the most painful thing to witness. I question live all the time, but I never question God, I don't not really understand the trilogy as well as others, it's confusing. Where did my baby go father, what is this nothingness where she was gone with her eyes open. She never sinned and yet such pain she endured. My fear is much more for life, yes when I was young I sinned and did not think, in the past 20 years or so, I am careful of word and deed, not because of fear, but because I want to be a good person, we should all want to be good people. We need to always work hard on ourselves, why is this not enough? Love and blessings Darlene

  2. Oh My lovely Father, Happy Birthday, you are very dear to my heart and soul. Love through eternity, darski

  3. Darlene, you are in my heart and prayers. God cares for all of creation, not just us. Just because they do not have a free will does not mean that God cannot bring animals to His Kingdom. He loves everything He has made... so smile.