Thursday, September 8, 2011

Why are so many Christians afraid of drawing close to Mary???

You cannot honor, love her, or even come closer to her than Jesus, her own Son did.

He took His own flesh and blood from her and she carried Him in her womb.
He nursed at her breasts and learned to walk with her by his side.
He learned how to serve by watching her give and sacrifice herself for others.
He learned how to heal when she nurse His wounds when He fell as a little child.
He learned how to pray by imitating her silence and reflection.

Reflecting on all the Holy Scriptures, the heart of the Scriptures are the Gospels, and the heart of the Gospels is the Gospel of St. John. I used to wonder how St. John could take us so deeply into the Mystery of Christ who is the Lamb of God and the Word who became flesh and dwelt amongst us until I pondered the words Our Lord uttered to him so sweetly from the Cross: "Behold your Mother".... And from that hour the disciple took her into his home. (John 19:27)

He took Mary into his home. I ponder how much Mary revealed to St. John about her Son, how she led him into the depths of the mystery of God. Oh how I yearn to hear their conversations which were always about HIM and Him alone. Praying and listening to Mary is like this. She will only lead you deeper and deeper into the mysteries of her Son and prod your soul to make you follow Him more closely. Now who would dare to be Christian and be afraid of that???


  1. Baking a chocolate cake and having a glass of wine in honor of Mama Mary is the way to go! :)