Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Can I go directly to God for my problems? Yes, but there is a better way....

You can go directly to Disney's Magic Kingdom on your own...  you can get in and enjoy all the rides and wonders and meet a lot of the characters there, but what if you knew of someone who had a very close relationship with the one who started it all?  What would it be like if they not only introduced you directly with Walt Disney but also gave you a VIP tour with him and you could go anywhere you wanted and they gave you all the "ins and outs" behind the scenes along with sharing with you all the secrets within the Magic Kingdom?  Even though I could go and stay there on my own, I really would want to get a closer look... a deeper visit... and know how to have a more intimate relationship with the man behind it all.  The Blessed Virgin Mary does this with everyone who wants to draw closer to her Son and to His Kingdom.  There is no one closer to His Heart than His own mother who nursed Him, bathed Him, clothed Him, fed Him and grew up with Him as only a Mother can do, and She has no greater love than for her Son and for His Kingdom.  She desires that we don't come and miss anything. 

I think back of when I was a child and had a close friend.  If I really wanted to know my friend better, I would take the time to sit down with his mother and the rest of his family.  I would get much better stories about his life and get to know all the details about him that I would never had known by just speaking with him alone.  Can I approach my friend and have a close intimate relationship with him without anyone else? Absolutely.... but there is so much more when I also tap into what is closest to my friend's heart and that is through those who are closest to him.


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