Tuesday, September 22, 2015

How does one open their heart to God?

How does one open their heart to God? It means opening up the door of your heart to your Faith... to come to the reality... to open the door through an act of the will. Like this... Go to the church... but before you even open the doors... make an act of Faith by opening the door to your heart to Him whose presence you are coming before...

"Lord, I am about to, like Moses, come before you. You are here and I am aware of your presence. Open my heart to realize you are here so that I don't just "go to Mass" but that I can open my heart to seek you and find you here and therefore I come to Mass to seek you, to receive you, to let you into my heart and find a new home within me. Just as you dwell in the tabernacle, make my heart your new home." 

This is just an act, through prayer, of opening your heart to Him and the more you do this, the more you will be aware of His Presence and the more His Light will shine in and through you. Eventually you will want to pray that your heart is continually open to His Presence wherever you go and whatever you do, but you need to start by making small steps to walk with Him little by little. Eventually you will be aware, by continuing this practice of making acts of Faith, that He is always there with you. This is how you open your heart more and more to Him. What you will eventually realize that He has always been there the whole time, but by opening your heart, you start to recognize it and live it. 

I used to do this also before I would go into prayer... before I even started to pray, I would simply make an act of Faith and open my heart to realize whose presence I am coming before when I enter into prayer. This is entering the heart... enter the door of your inner room where your Father sees you in secret... close the door and there pray to Him. Once I am aware that He is present, then I start to pray... or rather listen and speak with Him who is present before me.

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