Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Masks... we all tend to wear them from time to time. We have a mask that we carry when we are with our friends, another when we are with strangers, another when we are with our family, another when we are with co-workers, another when we are with our boss, and another when we come before God... and then, when we are alone and let our hair down (so to speak for both males and females) and relax when we are by ourselves... there is no mask and we can be somewhat terrified by being alone because then we see ourselves as we really are and we don't want to see it... so we keep ourselves distracted with this, and that, and oh... that.. and Facebook... and oh... look there.

Our Lord doesn't want you to be afraid when He says "Come to Me" or when He reaches out His hand to you... Do not be afraid to come to Him as you really are! Do not be afraid of what He might see (He sees it anyway even when you try to hide in a really, really dark corner and bury it all underneath a pile of stuff). He knows all of your secret hiding places and all of your secrets. He is just asking you to put down your hands and stop running. Let Him come to you as you really are so that He can heal you, forgive you, and restore you to your former beauty that He created you to be as His child. You may not see it in yourself due to all the scars, the wounds, the mud and dirt... but He sees you.

The more you can let Him touch those wounds (Remember not to be afraid here as He opens His Wounds first to you so that you won't be afraid to open yours to Him), heal those scrapes, transform those scars with His Light, and open your heart to His Light and Mercy... Wow! You have no idea how beautiful you really are and He will reveal this beauty to you once you surrender and take time to be alone with Him.

Eventually He will teach you that you do not need masks anymore to hide behind because you are LOVED, even if no one else has loved you, because HE LOVES YOU. You are WANTED, even if you have been rejected by others even your own family members, because HE WANTS YOU. You are BELOVED, even if you have never been cherished by anyone else, because HE CREATED YOU AS THE APPLE OF HIS EYE. He has much more to reveal to you and my time with you will come to an end. His is just beginning. Run to Him in prayer and come to Him as you really are! Let the transformation begin and you will no longer need a mask... for you are HIS CHILD and ARE BELOVED and CHOSEN BY HIM. There is no more reason to hide who you are before others.

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