Thursday, October 1, 2015

How I knew without a doubt that I have a Guardian Angel at my side...

OK, here is the story of how I came to really KNOW without a doubt I have a guardian angel....
This happened in my early childhood when our family was living in Frankfort, KY (we moved from there to Houston, Texas in 1984). My friend from school invited me to join him and his family on their float for the Thanksgiving Day parade. I was all too happy to join him. 
Anyway, we hopped into the back flatbed trailer hooked up to his dad's pick-up truck. After we had finished throwing out all of our candy to all of the kids along the parade route we came to a gravel road. I remember looking at my friend and telling him how much fun I had. He replied, "Me too!" and gave me a big pat on the back which made me lose my balance and I quickly fell off the trailer and found myself underneath it lying flat on the gravel road. I quickly tried to pull myself out but I was not moving at all.... I was only moving the gravel with my small arms... kind of like what happens when you make a snow angel.... only this wasnt helping me at all.
What was really scary was that the rear wheels of the flatbed trailer were aimed directly at where my head was.... and the trailer was moving a little quicker than I had expected. I pushed even harder in order to try and get out but nothing happened. I then saw that the tires were now only a few inches away from my head so I cried out..."God, save me!" 
I immediately felt two firm hands grab my ankles which pulled me quickly out and safely from underneath the trailer. Once I was clear, I quickly jumped back on the trailer next to my friend and turned around to thank the person who grabbed me. There was NO ONE there... and there was no place for anyone to hide, as we were in an open clearing of a large field of grass. I looked all over my body and I was also amazed that I did not have even one single scrape or scratch. I did not have the courage to tell my friend or anyone else what happened to me that afternoon.... but I had no doubts to who it was that saved my life that day and I continue to thank him, my friend at my side.
~ Fr. Scott Brossart, SOLT


  1. Father, I just started following your blog and love your posts. I am learning about Guardian Angels and what powerful allies they are to us, and how they love to be called upon for help! This is a beautiful story, and I hope it reminds people that all we have to do is ask them for help and they will rush to our aid.

    1. Thank you Nancy. Although I do post on here, I am most active on Facebook for evangelization.