Saturday, October 1, 2016

How Much Does God Love You?

How much does God love us???
Think of a speck of sand on the seashore... then think of all the specks of sand... the billions and billions of them on the ocean floor and at every beach.... then go into the depth of the ocean... the dolphins, the whales, the sea otters to play with... the manta rays... the seahorses... and then all the coral reefs throughout the world... then the wave upon wave crashing upon each shore like the heartbeats of God crashing upon our hearts and souls with His Mercy.... then gaze upon all the mountains and valleys... millions of those too... then look up at the sky and try to count each star on a very dark but clear night... then, just when you think you counted the last one... then a whole other array of stars appear... and then the moon and each planet... and that is just our galaxy!... then go out from there to the billions of galaxies that exist... to the furthest end of the Universe... All of that distance and all that is encompassed from that little speck of sand to the vastness of the universe is just a TINY GLIMPSE of how much God loves you. If you do not believe me then look up Genesis in the first couple chapters in the beginning of the Bible and read how God created the Universe... It began with Light... then everything unfolded... All of what I have pictured for you and much, much, much, much more... and that doesn't even come close to how much God loves you.

For after He created the heavens and earth and all that is contained in them He called creation "good".... but once He formed man in His own image and likeness... He looked at us and then compared us to the rest of what He created, He called you and me "VERY GOOD". What He is stating quite clearly is that if He placed you or me next to all that I have just mentioned... He would say... "Yeah... well... that stuff is good... but YOU BLOW IT ALL AWAY!" You mean more to Him than ALL the rest of creation put together. In fact, He created it all for us. He created all of it to show us as proof of how much He truly loves us as a Father. And if that is not enough... then look to His Son....

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