Saturday, December 31, 2016

Are you sick of all the darkness and garbage around us and want to do something about it?

Many of us can get overwhelmed with all the darkness and garbage of humanity surrounding us.  It also reminds us, unfortunately, of that which lies within our hearts as well and we must deal with.  But how do we do it?  How can we do anything to make even a dent in all that overwhelms us?

The answer is simple.  Our Lord showed me back when I was in the seminary in Toronto, Canada.  I used to take a daily walk around the block and noticed all this garbage on all the streets... literally almost everywhere you walk you can see garbage.  Anyway, one day Our Lord spoke to me and said, "I want you to pick up all the garbage in this city."  I replied to Him... "But that is impossible!" 

"Not for Me if you let Me do it with you."  So I asked Him what He wanted me to do.  He simply asked me to pick up as I walk along any piece of garbage that comes across my path.  I do not have to go in search of garbage... I do not need to go to the right or to the left in search of it.  I just simply have to pick up each piece that comes in my path.  

I told Him... "Yes, I can do that."  And so I began to walk.  As I started to pick up each piece of garbage along the way, I realized my hands are going to get full pretty quickly and it would need to be dumped.  How am I going to carry all this garbage along my walk?  But Our Lord had an answer for that too.  He had placed garbage cans in the streets and in the private drives of where I was going to pass by.  So, as I began to get full of garbage in my arms, poof... there was a garbage can and I would unload and begin again.  

There came a point where I came across a really sticky, icky, gooey mess... I think it was a broken egg with some wet paper towel with it.  So, I stepped over it!  Our Lord rebuke me and told me to go back and pick it up.  I grumbled and complained but then He said, "You were like this too... a sticky, icky, gooey mess but I was not afraid to pick you up off the ground and clean you."   So, I went back and picked it up and then through it away.  Yes... it was really gross. But our souls are like that too and He is not afraid of getting to the ground, just like He did with His disciples feet and to wash the most disgusting part of us.... our souls.

Anyway, I finished my walk and came to the end.  There at the end on the street corner was a garbage can with no garbage in it but surrounded by garbage all around it on the outside.  I cried out to God again... "See! I told you that this is pointless.  It is impossible.  This city will never be clean!"  So I walked away back across the street to enter back into the seminary. 

Once I made it back across the street Our Lord asked me to look back and watch.  I noticed a woman who had seen what I had done and was beginning to pick up the garbage around her.  Our Lord then said, "See.... that is how we will pick up the garbage."

The point of all of this is that we can get overwhelmed too and not know what to do about all the messy lives around us and our own life too.  This calls the work of intercession.  We need to learn how to deal with those persons and messy situations God places before us.  We don't have to go in search of them either... they are already there. 

Simply take each person, each situation as they come and go to the foot of the Cross with Our Lord and then lay before Him the person(s) and situation and all the darkness associated with it.  Lay it before God's garbage can... the Cross that cleans up all of our icky, gooey messes that we make in life.  Let Him help you clean it all up... one piece, one step at a time.

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