Saturday, January 28, 2017

How to truly be HAPPY....

The Beatitudes…

If we were going to define what will make us happy… many would think… “If only I had more wealth or riches… then I would be happy.”   For others it would be about being satisfied or successful.  Perhaps if I weren't sick or suffering we could be happy... But Our Lord turns this all around in the Beatitudes.  

Our Lord is seeking for each of us to be truly happy… blessed.  This is the fruit of the Beatitudes for those who can accept it.  The beatitudes bring us into the blessings of God and the desire for Him to bless us in our life with His peace and joy which only comes from living a life based in Him and the way of life He proposes for us as His children.  

Our Lady and St. Joseph, if we were to look at the their life, what was it based upon?  Was it riches or power?  Being successful or having riches?  Turning away from sufferings when it came? No… their hearts were set on the Kingdom of God.  Letting go or riches and seeking the blessings of serving God and others.   

There is riches… true treasure to be found when we dig deeper.  The same is true in the spiritual life.  We need to dig deeper than the here and now of pleasure and seek the deeper peace that comes from this new way of life Christ lays out for us as His disciples…

Blessed are the poor in spirit… for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.

Blessed are those who mourn… over sin and the loss of God and Heaven… that is true mourning… to look at the Cross and realize what we have done by preferring darkness over the Light of God.  The Blessed Virgin Mary truly mourned and teaches us how to mourn as well… to seek to be blessed and truly happy by turning away from the things which offend God and wound our relationships with one another.

To hunger and thirst not for the next meal or sumptuous desert… but hunger and thirst for a deeper life with God and to desire to lead others to Him.

To be merciful as God is to us… to share this blessedness even with our enemies and to pray for them.

To realize we are blessed when we are persecuted and insulted for living a life with God… for this happened to God’s only Son because He acknowledged God as His Father and that He belonged to God.  This is the happiness of those who are not afraid to stand with God and to be acknowledged before others that we follow Him.  

Yes, Our Lord turns the world's understanding of happiness upside down.  And He desires for each of us to embrace this new way of life so that we can truly be happy… to be blessed by having a life with Him.

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